Saturday 3 March 2012

Top Picks Split Negative

Hi Everyone, Well I'd like to thank Karen and Judy for both taking part in this past weeks Challenge, as I love the tecnique and it is very simple, but gives a different look no matter what stamp you decide to use. I give a standing ovation to both of you for giving it a shot. Thanks for playing. I've decided that your both winners, as I love the fact that Karen used a digi for the image and then did the negative to make the split. I like her layout and that she colored in the strawberries on both sides of the image. very well done. I also really like Judy's butterfly. the colors are splendid, the layout is great and the card is just simply gorgeous so your both top picks in my books.

I chose Karens card because I like the fact that she used a digi, and shared with the rest of us how she did it, second her layout is so simple but striking. Thanks for playing Karen. Julie

My pick this week is #2 Swallowtail Butterfly by Judy M. I love the purple colour and just how pretty the card looks. Well done Judy. Leslie

This weeks top pick that I have chosen is #2 Judy……..her card is so lovely using the swallow tail butterfly for her focal image and the colors blended so well that used. Awesome job Judy!

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  1. This was fun to do! Thank you for the new technique to try! :)
    Karen C