Sunday 26 June 2011

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Kissing Technique

Hello Crafters! This week I get to do an exciting Technique Challenge. Get ready for the Kissing Technique. Oh my! Not that Kissing technique... the stamping one. The basic idea is simple, but there are so many different ways to 'Kiss' in stamping. So, I have found a great video to help you. If you have never watched the 'Stamping Goddess' you are in for a treat. Go HERE

However, the basic technique is to take a solid stamp, ink it,  then take another stamp with a pattern on it and touch them together. The solid stamp now has a pattern on it which you can use on your project. But the cool part is that the pattern stamp has ink on it in the shape of your solid stamp. So now you have two images you could use to put on your project, both different.  Like the positive and negative of the same stamp. Well, you can 'Kiss' with a Twist, you can Kiss in two colours, you can 'Kiss and cut out...which is what I did on my card. There are many ways to 'Kiss', and now you know one more way. Thanks for listening. Leslie

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  1. Great challenge and terrific samples to inspire. Sorry I put Kissing instead of my name.

    Love Chrissie xx